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Environmental Japanese Bidet Video


I stayed at a luxury hotel in the Far East and experienced a bidet toilet seat for the first time. I was so glad that Environmental Bidet is now available in the UK and did not hesitate to get one. A. Milner

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Environmental Electronic Bidet

Electronic Bidet - Electronic Toilet

”Exactly what I wanted.” - S.Gordon

“Such an easy installation.  Took me only 6 minutes to install Environmental Bidet” - T.Fowler

Each Electronic Bidet includes

  • Remote or Side Control - For greater ease to control and operate the various functions.
  • Heated Seat - Adjustment Temperature in 4 Levels.
  • Computer regulated warm water supply - Temperature settings.
  • Hydraulic Seat - Gentle closing of seat and lid.
  • Seat Sensor - Signals that the seat is occupied to commence cleaning operation.
  • Air Drying - Powerful warm air-drying operation.
  • Power Saving - Two economy options.
  • 3 in 1 Nozzle - Patented nozzle for 3 cleansing programs.

Japanese Toilet Seat

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