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Environmental Japanese Bidet Video


I stayed at a luxury hotel in the Far East and experienced a bidet toilet seat for the first time. I was so glad that Environmental Bidet is now available in the UK and did not hesitate to get one. A. Milner

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Supreme BB-1000 Details

Remote Control

For greater ease of operation and control of various functions


Automatically activated when the seat is occupied

Heated Seat

Room Temp 40o C

3in1 Nozzle

Patented nozzle for 3 cleansing programmes

Turbo Wash

Whirly mass of soft water spray to stimulate bowel movement

Pulsating Massage

Pulsating and soothing flow of soft water

Power Saving

Two economy options


Oscillating movement of washing nozzle for thorough cleansing

Hydraulic Seat

Gentle closing of seat and lid

Self Cleaning

Automatic self cleaning of washing nozzle before and after use

Seat Sensor

Signals that the seat is occupied to commence cleaning operation

Air Drying

Powerful warm air drying operation

Built in filter

Protection against lime-scale build up

Self diagnosis

System warns user of any malfunctions

Feminine Wash

Soft aerated water spray for feminine cleansing

Posterior wash

Soft yet powerful aerated water spray for thorough cleansing

Quick release

Quick release mechanism to detach seat from toilet


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