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Environmental Japanese Bidet Video


I stayed at a luxury hotel in the Far East and experienced a bidet toilet seat for the first time. I was so glad that Environmental Bidet is now available in the UK and did not hesitate to get one. A. Milner

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Environmental & Ethical Policy

EnvironmentalBidet Environmental and Ethical Policy

We understand that the environmental challenges of individuals and companies are defined by the capacity to act against climate change, to save on energy and oil comsumption and to preserve our planet's natural resources. 

We at  EnvironmentalBidet aim:

  • To promote quality products for all household and businesses which save on energy comsumption, water supply and deforestation.

  • To bring quality products to customers letting them enjoy an increased quality of lifestyle while preserving the environment.

  • To deliver our client products  locally so that we never ship very far, thus saving on transportation energy.


  • To conduct our business in a responsible way and to promote our support for the Environmental cause.

  • To contribute to the education of people on the ways of saving resources in our daily life.

EnvironmentalBidet commitment is to help to preserve the environment, to save the trees and to hinder toilet paper use in any one sitting.


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