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Environmental Japanese Bidet Video


I stayed at a luxury hotel in the Far East and experienced a bidet toilet seat for the first time. I was so glad that Environmental Bidet is now available in the UK and did not hesitate to get one. A. Milner

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Why Environmental Toilet Bidet?

If washing the hands is a basic part of bathroom hygiene, then intimate washing is quite simply a logical addition to the daily hygiene routine.  The facts are simple. Cleansing with water is more comfortable, more effective and above all more hygienic than tissues.  We don't use dry paper to clean our hands so why use paper for our more sensitive body parts? 

What is Environmental Toilet Bidet?

This bidet toilet seat is typical of the millions installed in Japan and many other countries.

  • Environmental Toilet Bidet is the only WRAS approved electronic bidet toilet seat
  • A luxury heated white toilet seat, bidet and dryer all in one and by definition a brilliant space saver. 
  • Environmental Toilet Bidet can easily replace most conventional toilet seats (see Specifications and Dimensions and fit chart)
  • Thus converting a standard toilet into a sophisticated shower-toilet or washlet
  • Which enables the users to warm water wash and blow-dry while remaining seated after finishing on the toilet
  • Environmental Toilet Bidet is innovative in providing a hygienic and thorough personal cleansing procedure
  • While eliminating the need for toilet paper.
  • Bidet Colour comes in White
  • Touch buttons on a control panel enable users to activate and adjust the variable settings
  • To suit their personal preferences for temperature and pressure-controlled washing and blow-drying operations.
  • BB-1000 also comes with a deodoriser
  • Environmental Bidet offers an efficient & sophisticated alternative to purpose built shower toilets at a fraction of the price

Environmental Bidet Hygiene Posterior Wash Environmental Bidet Hygiene Air Drying Environmental Bidet Hygiene Deodoriser Environmental Bidet Hygiene Supreme Remote Control Environmental Bidet Hygiene Self Cleaning

How Does Environmental Toilet Bidet work?

Environmental Bidet fits to the toilet in place of the toilet seat - the toilet operates normally with the addition of the bidet.  

A patented 3 in 1 spray nozzle for three cleansing programmes extends out of the bidet toilet seat to the required position to provide a gentle stream of aerated warm water generating a Turbo Wash of soft water spray to stimulate bowel movement and providing for:

Environmental Bidet Hygiene Feminine Wash Environmental Bidet Hygiene Pulsating Massage Environmental Bidet Hygiene Oscilliation Environmental Bidet Hygiene Turbo Wash
  • Feminine wash with a soft warm water aerated spray for feminine cleansing
  • Posterior wash a soft yet powerful aerated water spray for thorough cleansing
  • Pulsating Massage from the soothing flow of soft water
  • You can Adjust the nozzle position in steps
  • You can aslo set the nozzle to Oscillate round the position set for thorough cleansing
  • At the end of the wash cycle, the nozzle retracts back into the bidet toilet seat
  • To allow for the powerful warm Air-Drying cycle to be activated
  • The nozzle self-cleans automatically before and after each use
  • The Deodoriser is automatically activated when the seat is occupied
  • The Heated Seat operates at room temperature - 40 degrees
  • The Remote Control allows greater ease of operation and control of the various functions.

Interactive Demonstration of Controls

How Safe is Environmental Toilet Bidet?

In principle like any other system that connects to electricity supervision for children is wise but the only programme that children are not allowed to use is the Turbo Wash.  Children cannot cause flooding as it can only be operated when sitting on it.

  • The wash cycle is one minute but you can stop at any time by pressing stop 
  • Restart  by pressing one of the wash programmes
  • You can flush at anytime like a normal toilet
  • The self diagnosis system warns the user of any malfunctions
  • Power Saving allows a choice of two Economy options
  • The seat and lid are hydraulic for soft, quiet closing and are from germ-resistant polymers (Polygiene Plastic)
  • The Seat Sensor signals when the seat is occupied to commence cleaning operation
  • All main electronic components are treated with thick epoxy
  • For maximum protection against moisture, rust and residues that can cause short circuit
  • Built-in thermostats and a memory system control the temperature and pressure
  • To prevent excessive heating or harm to the user or the device
  • Built-in grounding protects against the risk of electrical shock
  • The Quick Release mechanism detaches the seat quickly and easily
  • The built in Filter protects against lime scale build up.
  • Environmental Bidet is the only electronic toilet bidet approved by WRAS for connection to the UK water main
  • The testing programme leading to WRAS approval included over 200,000 operating cycles
  • Users can therefore be confident they are using a well-tested product

Environmental Bidet Hygiene Self Diagnosis Environmental Bidet Hygiene Power Saving Environmental Bidet Hygiene Seat Sensor Environmental Bidet Hygiene Quick Release Environmental Bidet Hygiene Buil In Filter

Installation of similar products that are not WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved is deemed illegal in the UK and would be subjected to heavy fines by the water suppliers as they could potentially contaminate the water supply.

In addition to WRAS Environmental Toilet Bidet models are also European CE and American UL approved.

How Do I Fit Environmental Toilet Bidet?  (See Specifications and Dimensions & Fit Chart)

  • Environmental Toilet Bidet is fitted with the supplied flexible hose and Tee connector to the water supply feeding the toilet cistern provided the pressure is 0.4 bar and with a power cord to plug into a standard domestic power socket normally via a switched fused spur and residual current device (RCD).  You require your own plumber and qualifed electrician to arrange the fitting. The static weight limit for the Environmental Toilet Bidet seat is 21stone (133 kg).  For hidden systems the feed needs to get to the seat from behind the toilet. 

Warranty and Shipping

The warranty covers our parts and labour for 12 months and includes courier pick up and return.

What is the Outdoor Hand Held Toilet Bidet and How Does It Work?

Environmental Bidet Hygiene Palm Environmental Bidet Hygiene Palm Remote Control

  • The Outdoor Toilet Bidet is a hand held battery operated travel bidet
  • The Outdoor Toilet Bidet can go with you anywhere, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of a bidet wherever you may be
  • Hygiene assured, the Outdoor Toilet Bidet becomes your ideal travel companion
  • Simply fill with water at your desired temperature and it is ready for use
  • The Outdoor Toilet  Bidet comes with 2 x 1.5 alkaline AA batteries for stronger water pressure and longer operation
  • With a continuous water spray for effective cleansing, an extra nozzle for feminine wash and a convenient carry pouch
  • The designer box makes the Outdoor Toilet  Bidet an ideal gift

Environmental Bidet Hygiene Palm Water Inlet Environmental Bidet Hygiene Palm 2aa Batteries Environmental Bidet Hygiene Palm Continious Water Spray Environmental Bidet Hygiene Palm Extra Nozzle Feminine Wash Environmental Bidet Hygiene Palm Carry Pouch Environmental Bidet Hygiene Palm Designer Box


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