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I stayed at a luxury hotel in the Far East and experienced a bidet toilet seat for the first time. I was so glad that Environmental Bidet is now available in the UK and did not hesitate to get one. A. Milner

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Yachting & Boating Toilet Seats

Electronic Marine Toilet Seats

“Environmental Bidet is a great space saver” - E.Vickers

Luxury heated Japanese toilet seat with warm water spray and blow dryer for the boating & yachting industry. Environmental Electronic BioBidet are space savers and ideal in a marine environment. Our electronic toilet seats hinder the use of toilet paper and are operated using a remote or side control. Our marine toilet seats are perfect for the sailer, the cruise boat passengers & crew, the yacht owner and guests.

Electronic Toilet Bidet

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Benefits of the Luxury Heated Electronic Toilet Seat with Warm Water Spray and Blow Dryer

  • Ultimate in Cleanliness and Comfort
  • Easliy replaces most standard toilet seats
  • Eliminates the need for toilet paper and conserves trees
  • A brilliant space saver for boats, functioning as a toilet seat as well as an electronically controlled bidet
  • No cabin adjustments are needed for installation in your yacht
  • Significant improvement of personal hygiene
  • Converts a conventional toilet into a sophisticated shower-toilet
  • Cleansing during and after menstruation
  • Significant help in unassisted use of the toilet for the elderly and handicapped

  • Features include
  • Luxury heated hydraulic seat and lid made from germ resistant polymers (Polygiene Plastic)
  • Power saving
  • Self cleaning nozzle provides warm water spray to give Feminine Wash, Posterior Wash, Pulsation and Oscillation
  • Warm Air Drying provides the ultimate in cleanliness and comfort 

Posterior Wash Air Drying Feminine Wash Pulsating Massage Oscilliation Self Cleaning

Outdoor Hand Held Toilet Bidet

Environmental Bidet Hygiene Palm Environmental Bidet Hygiene Palm Remote Control

  • Hand held battery operated Outdoor Electronic Toilet Bidet
  • The Outdoor Toilet Bidet can go with you anywhere, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of a bidet wherever you may be  
  • Hygiene assured, the Outdoor Toilet Bidet becomes your ideal travel companion
  • The continuous water spray means effective cleansing with an extra nozzle for feminine wash
  • Convenient carry pouch

Palm Water Inlet Palm 2aa Batteries Palm Continious Water Spray Palm Extra Nozzle Feminine Wash Palm Carry Pouch Palm Designer Box


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